Nurturing home talent: Srishti’s way

Only thing constant about technology, is its evolution. As a cutting edge-IT product company Srishti recognizes the best way to protect its customers from technological change and keep adopting state-of-art methods is skilling and upgrading the employees.

Srishti Software creates opportunities for its employees to excel in their skills, drive their passion and grow their value to the organization and themselves continuously. The company offers generous financial support for those employees who want to pursue their further studies. Besides, Srishti also funds for the certification programs of the employees. Srishti consistently invests in functional training programs and certification programs that enable them to better their skills and capabilities.

Armed with competency assessment and training tools, Srishti ensures all employees are provided with the right platform and opportunities to shape their career and are helped to achieve new pinnacles of growth. Continuing its above zeal, Srishti invested in HL7 and Redhat certification for its employees. The certification has not only enhanced exposed employees like Neelish and Ilango to the nuances of these technologies, but has also prepared the team to deliver world-class product and implementation experience.






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