PARAS Participates in Testathon

Represented by Srishtians, Ilango Chandrasekaran, Prakash Kannade, Kishore, Anthony Britto and Mallikarjuna we recently participated in TESTATHON- a healthcare interoperability testing event, organized by Philips Innovation campus and HIMSS, India. TESTATHON is organized every year to test the Interoperability capabilities of healthcare systems from various vendors and their compliance to healthcare standards like DICOM, HL7 & IHE. The lack of integration among various disparate applications operating within hospitals often leads to high cost and poor management. One of the major pre determinants of a good IT system is its ability to sync itself with third party hardware and software operating within the hospital ecosystem.

This year, special focus was on Radiology and Cardiology domains. Held on March 15th and 16th March, 2012 the event was attended by 15 Healthcare Vendors. The main objective of TESTATHON was to bring together the healthcare vendors of India to discuss standardization and workflows in Indian scenario. The event also heralded the setting up of a Healthcare Interoperability Organization in India, which going forward, can pave way for the formation of IHE (Integrating Healthcare Enterprise), India.

 Srishti software’s healthcare solution suite, PARAS strictly adhering to IHE standards and enabling integration without any disturbance in the protocol with a host of third party even the ones that support XML, web-service or HL 7 was highly appreciated.

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