Work-life balance for moms' at Srishti

Motherhood is a blessing that makes every woman complete and we cherish every moment of being a mother. It is the most challenging, rewarding, exciting, role that every woman plays in her life.

At Srishti we understand, you go a sea of emotions as a mother. And, no matter how challenging this role may be, no mother would ever want to trade this with any. We understand that working mothers, have to be focused, goal driven, timeline driven, and has still has to give in to the demands of their child at home. In today's world, where both parents work to earn to have a decent lifestyle to combat with the ever-increasing inflation, Srishti promotes a “healthy work life balance”. The policies designed for working mothers help them juggle between both the roles effortlessly.

Every employee is valuable for us. And so to help working mothers combine a career with the added responsibility of raising a child, we have come up with the option of working from home, so that they can fulfill the maternal duties as well. Simultaneously, to promote fair and equal opportunity & benefits, we have given them the option of taking a slight deduction in their salary as long as they work from home. The employees have accepted this very sportingly, as they can not only continue with their career aspirations, but also at the same time cater to the duties of mother at home and to the society at large.

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