Celebrating the difference


In today’s globalized industries and shrinking national boundaries, it is quite common for many companies to have collaborating workforce coordinating their job content across many continents, many time zones and work cultures.

Research has shown that employees who work in teams that represent diverse cultures, generation, tend to be far more tolerant, have mutual respect for each other and capable of resolving their workplace conflicts more professionally. Further, global businesses have long recognized the importance of hiring a diverse workforce to gain entry into foreign markets. Also, they consider hiring a workforce as diverse as their global client footprints is an important CSR initiative. 

Srishti has been one of early adopters of this trend. Here we believe diversity should be celebrated. We have hired a highly diverse workforce, who not just work relentlessly one team in times of tight deadlines but also respect and celebrate each other’s festivals, eating habits and culture in times of leisure. Our employee engagement and internal communication messages are directed towards making every employee feel like a valuable asset of the company irrespective of their gender, culture and race. 

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