We have a responsibility to our clients


Circa 2009 when the global economic slow-down dragged the revenues of many companies and forced them to rethink their market strategies, Srishti witnessed a robust revenue upsurge. What is the truth behind this? Simple, Watson, it is KISS, keep it simple in all aspects of product, right from design, implementation, user support and post-implementation support. Amongst the key areas that we focused in the last few years is post implementation support extended to clients. 

Business leaders at Srishti have always stressed on the importance of client friendly sales and marketing strategies to achieve the vision that we have set for ourselves. Our strong IT background has helped us set up a platform where clients can flag their technical issues immediately and track their development. Unresolved issues are then escalated within the organization. We understand that the decision to move to IT does not come easy to hospitals, both in terms of investment and resistance to acceptance from their own staff. We feel, when hospitals brave those challenges and trust us to implement HMIS; it elevates us to a position of huge responsibility. We not only support them with our user adoption strategies and training to help their staff get comfortable with IT, but also treat their post implementation issues with utmost urgency. 

Over the years we have retained 100 % of our client base, a success that we owe to our customer centric strategies spread across both halves of the sales cycle- pre sales and post sales. 

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