What makes a great product?


All businesses thrive to make its product a richer experience for customers. Every financial year, substantial amount of resources are spent chalking out the development path of the product and its relevance in futuristic market. But, there are numerous instances where a world-class product has failed to garner the attention of the market. If this sounds like the story of your product, it is time to go back to the drawing board.  Do a reality check. Your customers might be inclined to buy a product that is more suitable for their business environment rather than the best product in the industry. To put it in perspective, the number of checks against the feature list does not make a great product. Rather, what makes a great product is the extent to which it can be customized to suit needs of your client.

Customer centricity is one of the most debated words across conference rooms and in business discussions. Yet most debates in boardrooms focus on either product centricity or competition centricity. At Srishti, we worked hard to balance our focus on PARAS, our HMIS product. While we are committed to building a world-class product, we attach equal importance to engineer PARAS according to the needs of individual clients. PARAS can be customized in several levels to suit multiple business environments of our clients. In fact over the years, we have managed to retain all our clients because PARAS can be customized to handle their business expansions without the fear of technical redundancy.

We at Srishti have been able to hit the right notes, because we have always believed in old management adage KISS (keep it simple).  We have designed and developed being in the shoes of customers and not for our fancy technology triumphs. That is what we call Watson moments!

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