Acing both halves of the sales cycle


In the fast paced global market today, time is money. Every minute wasted in resurrecting non-functional software or a technical glitch drains your organization’s resources. Precisely the reason why, every technical glitch experienced by our clients is treated with utmost urgency at Srishti.

In building a high profile organization, post sales support becomes as intrinsic as engineering a great product. The first half of the sales cycle - building a product customized according to client’s needs, delivering it to the client on the committed delivery date is measured equal to the second half of the cycle which includes providing support to clients in realizing the full potential of the product and smoothening the barriers to adoption. At Srishti we have aced both halves.

Recently, we conducted a survey to see how do our clients/stake holders perceive Srishti.

Our Marketing department rang up every client, to understand their experience, what they believed we could have done better and what value do they attach to Srishti as a brand. The results helped us a lot to focus on our strengths. While our recently acquired client base talked about Srishti as a fast paced and delivery centered organization, our older clients told us that our quick reaction to their technical emergencies and no blame-shifting attitude is the kind of culture we must induce in every next generation Srishtian.

Overtime, in an attempt to build on our strengths, we have worked harder in training our workforce to provide flawless post sales support to clients. At Srishti, we best describe the importance of customer service in our founder’s words- “Customer is king”.


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