One Product, Different Languages


Glocalization is a strategy of designing core products with local flavour so that every customer relates to it. Glocalization is an important step in business strategies. Healthcare is one such industry where the world is constantly shrinking. In spite of merging borders, differences emerge when it comes to communicating, local laws, and customs. Many companies attempt it, but few master and sustain it.

Srishti’s HMIS is a unique product that has been successfully marketed across in different markets: China, Africa, India, among others. While developing the product, it kept features customizable to fit according to the local market demands.

One important glocalization feature is the capability to communicate in the local language. It was modified to suit Chinese market and its demands. It is modifiable to adapt to Single- Specialty, Multi-Specialty, Single-Specialty Multilocation and Multi-Specialty Multilocation hospitals.


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