CEOs and CXOs drive user adoption

Created on Thursday, 03 May 2012


At Srishti, we do not stop at implementation. User adoption is crucial. Our implementation strategies are directed towards helping hospitals derive maximum benefits by encouraging the end users to use the IT system. While the entire implementation process from our side is aimed at involving as many user champions as possible, exposing the system to the end users early and user training before go-live, we also firmly believe that top layer leaders in hospitals can best drive user adoption.

To encourage user adoption, leaders need to go beyond simple classroom sessions and book learning. There is a need to move beyond the boring class room training to a more engaging model to drive user adoption. The trainings must also focus on cultural issues within the hospital rather than just technical. For example, focusing on interaction between nurses and physicians is critical to successful learning and adoption. If physicians are able to avoid direct use of the EHR by having nurses look up results and print reports for them, then the learning process is hindered.

If clinicians are made to realize that the end goal is to create an environment that results in improved care and that technology enables them to accomplish this goal, then they will become motivated to learn the intricacies of the system. Finally, follow up is important as there is no end to learning. A periodic value addition skill training on deployed IT system can go a long way in user adoption.

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