Fostering Holistic Environment

Happy Employee

In an internal survey, we asked our employees about the most important value they derive out of working with us. While we received a range of answers, the majority told us, it was our lively stress free work environment.


HR Policies: Flexible maternity leave options

women employee

Srishti, being in the forefront of promoting diversity at work, employs and supports women in every possible way. One of them is easy availability of flexible maternity leave and work from home options. We believe motherhood is a very beautiful phase of every woman’s life.


Employee speak: The Company is growing at a humongous pace



Ilango Chandrasekaran talks about his contributions to the company and his motivation.


Srishti takes employees for a 'Fun in Sun' day!

Last Saturday at Srishti was a Fun in Sun day!  Employees along with their families were whisked to Wonder La Amusement park early in the morning by company bus. The ride to the amusement park had small fillers of songs, dance, antakshari performances and other fun charades.


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