Fun at work is important

A company which plays together works together! At Srishti we understand that most innovative ideas only come when you least expect it. Most of time brilliant ideas are more likely to make their way into fresh minds, than over worked uninspired ones. So, we have always harped on the importance of fun at work. We understand that our employees spend a major part of their day and week in office. And, hence, it becomes even more important to foster a healthy and stress free environment at work.

To beat the stress we celebrate all major festivals, team outings and occasionally throw in some creative ones too aka Green @ work, Ethnic Day, Fun Day and many competitions where employees can showcase their hidden skills. These events, not just help them unwind and get back to work with fresh minds, but also bond better with fellow colleagues.

And keeping up with our culture, we are all going to Wonderla, a theme park in Bangalore on 21st April. We have also invited the families of our employees to join us for the outing. We will post the pictures soon! Meanwhile, you can visit our Facebook page to see pictures of more cultural events and outings.

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