Mentorship Programs: Fostering leadership

At Srishti we train you to become leaders. We have a very young and dynamic workforce with average age of 28. An average Srishtian is a fresher, just out of college. This might be a hurdle for some, but at Srishti we take this as a positive and mentor you as future leaders.

Our leadership team comprises of many Industry experts who guide and mentor promising talents to hone their technical and inter-personal skills. The mentor-protégé relationship at Srishti is informal. We encourage an open-door feedback policy, which is conducive for a healthy and mutually beneficial relationship.

A successful mentorship program adds value to all three: the company, mentor and the protégé. While the protégé benefits from the domain and personality skills acquired, the mentor benefits from the value addition that protégé brings to the table. We on the other hand pride ourselves on the resource that we nurture to become a leader.

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