Happy Workforce = Happy Company

Progress through creation is best achieved in a healthy work environment. At the time of inception, our leaders believed that to encourage our work force to think out of the box, we must promote a lively work culture. They envisioned Srishti as a work place where employees would be empowered to become leaders of tomorrow.

Today we embody that vision and practice the same in our HR policies. At Srishti we promote employees to think beyond organizational hierarchy. During our appraisals each employee, fondly called as a Srishtian is given a chance to appraise not just their peers but also their seniors and managers. A Srishtian can even choose his own career path within the organization aided by our lateral hiring policy. Our result oriented approach to projects and open feedback culture makes the environment at work flexible and competitive.

At Srishti we work hard and party harder because we believe that only a happy workforce can make a happyify company.

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