Secret Santa and Christmas @ Srishti


Christmas dawned on Srishti floors with joy, merry, smiles and lot of Secret Santa Clauses distributing gifts ‘under cover’. Presents came pouring in throughout the day. Chocolates, teddies, pens, cups, clocks, etc. were among the popular items. Some even let their quirky side out by gifting Milk pouches! Not only were the gifts special, but their delivery was unique as well. Some Santa chose to leave gifts early morning, while some sent gifts throughout the day through different people. Dr. Geetha, Clinical Analyst, thanked her Secret Santa, Satish Sarin, for making her Christmas a very special one.


The evening was made more festive by cake cutting and when identity of the Secret Santa was revealed. Mr. G. Srinu, QA Analyst, exclaimed, “I got Ms. Divyadarshini as my Secret Santa. This was a very pleasant surprise for me as she is a close friend of mine.” Mr. Nilesh Nirala, Software Engineer- Trainee, shared his experience. I played a lot of pranks on my angel, Sakthivelu, who is a member of my team. I also gave him gifts.

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