Beyond the borders



Opening minds to new ideas, cultures for better communication between client and support is a key differentiator at Srishti. With clients across the globe, Srishti has number of employees deployed at client locations onsite. Our newest addition is China, where a team of Srishti professionals are currently posted. Employees with about 3 months training behind them are sent on Onsite locations for better exposure and understanding of the business world. Srishti believes in the tradition of investing in developing the Human Resources.

Mr. Hari Babu, Head-Implementation, agreed, "the amount of time one spends onsite can be compared to growth in terms of domain area knowledge and personal growth. It also fine tunes one's personnel skills."

Dr. Satbir Singh Negi, Implementation Consultant, elaborated “ this opportunity has given me a very clear idea about the in and out of the Hospital Information System practical working in the Hospital and not to say I have been promoted 2 times in 2.5 years. On the personal front, the onsite opportunity has given me an overall personality development including fine corporate communication skills and Personal Relation Management."

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