One Package does not suit all


At Srishti we believe in customization because ‘one package does not suit all’. The same goes for working hours of our employees. Some of them say they are more efficient in the later part of the day and some have told us they prefer to start work early and have the evening free to themselves. Understandably, Srishti offers its employees flexible working hours.


During inception our founders had envisioned Srishti office bustling with activity, young minds experimenting and developing innovative products. They decided the vision will only hold true if the employees approached work with a sense of happiness and well being.

The same is asserted by Soma, Associate HR Manager at Srishti “When I was looking for work my priority was my daughter. As much as I was looking to get back to my career full time I had to be home for her. I put this clause in all the interviews I attended. Thankfully Srishti obliged. I come early and go home just in time she is back from school".

Similarly Ajay Kumar Karn who opted to work from home says “It works for me. I do not spend time commuting. I can use that time to get more work done".

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