Employee Speak- Learning as a Fresher by Kishore & Viji

Learning is a life-long process and all world class companies realize the need to invest in infrastructure, process and system to ensure their employees are state-of-the art. Learning can be of three forms. Learning by doing, learning by experiment and learning by learning. Learning by doing requires the employee to follow the procedure, understand the best practice and imbibe the principles. Learning by experiment would happen when the employee has gained sufficient activity/domain knowledge and attempts to improve the process to improve productivity or impact. Learning by learning or innovate, happens when the employee gains practical experience and domain know-how to innovate new process, software and systems. Srishti employee engagement enshrines the three learning approaches. Srishti believes in hiring fresher, nurturing them , training them to understand the best practices, imbibe the domain expertise, experiment and innovate as they gain experience. Freshers just passed out of college, start looking at your company as an outsider without too much mental baggage about how other companies work. They bring in a fresh perspective and ideas to the table. They are full of energy and can really slog to make things possible.

Srishti has welcomed fresher, hungry for learning and who want to leave a mark in the world. They want to make a difference and eagerly wait for recognition. We asked two of our employees Kishore M and Viji Kumar to share their fresher experience. Here are the excerpts.

What made you move forward with Srishti?
The working culture which any fresher desires is what I had when I entered the premises. The challenging work, on the job mentoring, getting to know best practices from TL, tight deadlines and the versatility of the product made me go along with Srishti.

Do srishti provides good work environment for you to be productive?
Yes, we were always free to clarify our doubts with our seniors. We could ask any sort of questions to them and always got the best response ever. They made sure that I learn on the job and at the same time they always made me feel my worth.

How is the training nurturing you in improving your skills?
Srishti has given me a platform to explore new ideas, new thoughts and the training has helped me to nurture my thought process. This is a huge learning curve and a continuous process in my work life at Srishti.

What is the support that you get from your colleagues to accomplish our organizational goals?

Although Srishti, made me feel comfortable and gave me all ways to move forward. There is a strong bond that we share at Srishti, with my colleagues and seniors who have actually turned up like family. There were days when I had difficult time in managing my work life balance and that is when my seniors pinched in and helped me emotionally and professionally. In Srishti, I learnt one must keep going and work hard in every circumstances where we are rewarded for the same.





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