Being a Srishtian


A man is known by the company he keeps, so goes a popular saying. We at Srishti believe that a company is known by its employees. Employees add strength to the company not only in terms of numbers but also by being the face of the company and adding brand value. Srishtians are known for their vibrancy, the delicate mixture of culture and varied beliefs.

To promote employee engagement, HR department often designs and hosts various non-work related activities. Rangoli competitions, Workstation Decoration competition, Secret Santa, Cultural extravaganza are some of the activities planned for Srishtians. The competitions are often organized as team events with the goal of team-building, mutual trust and for holistic development. They also act as a great stress busting exercise.

What has been notable in these events is the creativity and enthusiasm shown by Srishtians. Often they have taken everyone by surprise with their dedication and a natural flair for the nitty-gritty. Such a myriad collection of people at one place often throws up pleasant surprises for all, astonishing even the skeptical.

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