Srishti Vehicle Policy: Empowering Employees

Inspiring continuous progress through creation is an ambitious and ongoing endeavor. To achieve the same, Srishti attracts best minds across the country, nurtures and retains them through its attractive policies and benefits. Easy availability of vehicle from the company irrespective of employee’s position on the hierarchy chart is one such initiative. This motivates them and creates a better work-home balance.


Dr. Vinoy Singh, Head- Health Informatics, was happy to comment, “I am very satisfied with the vehicle policy as it helps me spend quality time with my family.” Mr. Ravi Balagali, Vice President- Corporate Finance & Legal, stressed that, “with ever-increasing loan rates, this scheme freed me from the hassles of a commercial vehicle loan.” Mr. Anshuman Hasurkar, HR-Executive, who recently completed his 6 months, has applied for a two-wheeler. “The motorbike will help me cut down the traveling cost considerably. And the traffic woes too”, he added.

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