How do we promote innovation?



At Srishti, we progress through innovation. We have defined innovation as successful exploitation of a new product, business model or services. And, since it is a very important part of company’s culture, we spend a lot of time nurturing innovation among our employees. How do we do it?

We start by identifying high performance innovators in our workforce and make them more visible to others. We promote them as role models to motivate others to follow suit. We also encourage our employees to take responsibility proactively and get more involved with the product. Our communication process is designed in such a way that managers interact with their peers everyday and so, are able to nurture their innovative ideas, help them in developing those ideas to perfection.

Further we encourage our workforce to take calculated risks. They might not always work, but they offer valuable market insights and impart new learning. Lastly, we believe rewarding innovators goes a long way in evolving the workforce to think out of the box.

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