Employee speak: The Company is growing at a humongous pace


As Srishti, employee performance is recognized and rewarded. We believe in a result-oriented approach towards work. Policies such as flexible work hours and work from home are available to employees so they can concentrate on delivery without sticking to strict work schedule. Likewise, the company also encourages employees to perform well through awards, bi yearly appraisals, promotions, lateral hiring and appreciation certificates. We asked one of our employees, Ilango Chandrasekaran to talk about his contributions to the company and his motivation. Below are the excerpts of the conversation.

How long have you been with Srishti?

I have been with the company for 7 years now.

What is your role?

Currently, I am the Technical Lead for both Application Admin team and Application Interface team. I am responsible for deployment of the application and interfacing with disparate applications.

Could you describe your career growth with Srishti?

Definitely. When I joined Srishti as a fresher, the culture and work environment encouraged me take up responsibilities pro actively. We were handling live projects, which was a huge responsibility and learning curve for me. In the next year of my career, I was exposed to client interactions. I would go to client places to assist with interfacing. That experience bought about a different confidence in me. Handling client queries, meeting different people and discussing our ideas encouraged me to take my expertise to the next level. I now have two teams to assist me with deployment and interfacing.

 Srishti offered me a steady growth path and learning curve. Since, the company is growing very fast, my work never ceases to be challenging!

 What career direction would you want to take now?

Interface analyst would be a good career progression. The company currently is on a very fast growth trajectory. I feel motivated and enthused about the growth and I am certain my career will grow with the company too!


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